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Something to distract my mind

I need a good MinKey ff to distract my mind now....
While actually I shouldn't...
I should keep my mind awake and think and looking at a direction
But all I want now is.... a good MinKey ff to distract my mind...

Best friend

What is "best friend"?

KIFF D-2: a day before SHINee arrival

Yesterday, I just finished distributing the ticket for arirang Indonesia fans club winner and arirang website lucky draw winner with fellow of fans clun staff & arirang staff.

Today, a day before SHINee arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I wish Indonesian shawol can behave and greet the nicely at the airport tomorrow.
SHINee loves to have fans greetings them at airport with no chaos, so behave!

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Hectic day

To summed up everything, today is hectic. Placing order for Hello, tracking where to buy JJY - The Beginning, sudden request from boss, client and event division. All need to be done in the same time span. WT?? And like it's not too much already, I got attacked by sudden angst.

But above all, there are a slight fun thing.. the release of Hello teaser, the leak new track of SHINee new album and confirmation event from arirang.

Will I attend it? That's would be a secret after the event pass away. XDD

HELLO~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Minho in black, Key in red, Taemin in white.. I feel like seeing a devil, an angel and... what are you Minho? A Lucifer? XDD or just a handsome sexy businessman? *gulp*
Damn I am so going to buy this repackage like.. NOW!!!
D'oh another credit card killer thanks to you, SHINee.. but I love you anyway.. so yeah...

In my hands

The key is in my hand
The door is right in front of me
The bubble that I've been living in all these years
Do I have the courage to put the key in and unlock the door? Even further away, to walk out and knock on other door?

Honestly I feel really afraid of so many pain that I might get when I open the door and walk out
Because even when I stay inside, the blade can get through and hurt me

But the I need to unlock the door and walk out
The urgency raise higher every second

The key is in my hand
The door is right in front of me
I am inside the bubble I created all of my life
Now it's all up to me...

Your voice

I can't seem get enough with his voice and I hope he can get more part in every song huhuhu
When he sang solo in Fukuoka Fanmeeting early this year.. I feel soooo happy hehehe then I have this special rapper stage in SMTOWN live 10 SEOUL.. I must have them both on my music player so I extract them to mp3...

From [Fancam] 100821 Minho Key Shindong Eunhyuk -A-Yo [SMTOWN 2010 - SEOUL]

From [Fancam] 100227 Fukuoka Fanmeeting - Minho - Milk Tea

Enjoying his low heavy deep voice..


Let me take your place

Looking at this picture.. makes me wanna squeeze Kyuhyun and replace his place with.... ME!!!!
Mark your mind... It's not that I don't like Kyu, but I am now in 'head over heel' situation over Minho!!!!

나 정말 미쳐서~~

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Love and friendship

No, you guess it wrong
I’m not in position to choose between love and friendship [again]
And I’m so thankful for that

I’m just gonna put a reminder here,
That if I love someone, I need to speak it out loud
That if I need someone, I need to tell it exactly
That if I care for someone, I can’t just show it
That if I miss someone, I should let it out

So… this is a reminder.
And even I know it’s too much,
Or how much you hate it,
Reminds me all the time, roomies
You know how I tend to forgot